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My dentist referred me to Laguna Endodontics for treatment. I was able to schedule an appointment within a day. Everyone here is very friendly. I experienced a root canal in the past and it was very painful, but here it was fast and painless. The doctor did an awesome job!


Scott F.

Thank you doctor for calming and relieving my fears about getting a root canal re-done. He took the time before the procedure to answer all of my questions and talk about what he would be performing which was not a root canal but a re-do of what had already been done by a previous dentist. My tooth has not felt this good in years! Thank you so much!

Eliza C.

The doctor and his entire team are AMAZING! This was my first root canal and it was such a pleasant experience. Everyone is so welcoming and kind, from the front desk team to the assistant, and of course the dentist. The procedure was quick and painless. I probably could have fallen asleep!!! Thank you so much!


D. N.

I received services at Laguna Endodontics for a root canal and the experience was nothing but pleasant. The front desk receptionist was extremely friendly and welcoming. The dentist who performed the root canal was amazing as well. She did such a wonderful job, I felt no pain or discomfort.


Jamie S.

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