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Internal Bleaching

Internal Bleaching—Brighten Your Smile From The Inside Out Let us help you reclaim the radiance of your smile with our specialized treatment. At Laguna Endodontics, we understand how important a bright, confident smile is to you. Sometimes, teeth can become discolored from the inside due to injury or past root canal treatments, and conventional teeth […]

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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy—Gentle Treatment For Lasting Relief Our team provides compassionate, expert care to restore your oral health and comfort. At Laguna Endodontics in Elk Grove, CA, we are dedicated to helping our patients overcome dental discomfort and reclaim their smiles. If you’re feeling apprehensive about root canal therapy, it’s important to remember that it’s

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Root Canal Retreatment

Root Canal Retreatment—Restoring Dental Health With Precision & Expertise At Laguna Endodontics in Elk Grove, CA, we believe in the importance of preserving your natural teeth whenever possible. While initial root canal therapy is usually successful, there can be instances where a tooth that has undergone treatment may fail to heal properly or could become

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Dental Trauma

What Is Dental Trauma? Dental trauma refers to injury to the teeth, gums, or surrounding oral tissues, typically resulting from accidents, sports injuries, or falls. The severity can vary greatly, with injuries ranging from minor chips or cracks in the teeth, to displacement or avulsion (complete knock-out) of the teeth, or even fractures that extend

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Apical Surgery

What Is Apical Surgery? Apical surgery, or apicoectomy, is a minor surgical procedure performed by an endodontist to remove the infected tip of a tooth root (the apex) and seal the root canal. This is usually recommended when a conventional root canal treatment or retreatment cannot fully eliminate infection, or when access to the root

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